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Comfy supportive boots please!

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dreamygirl Tue 24-Nov-15 13:37:22

I've recently been diagnosed with arthritis in one foot and my GP says the best way to manage it for now (it's very mild) is to make sure my shoes are comfortable and cushioned. She recommended trainers, but I'm not really a trainers person. I intend to get myself some to wear some of the time, but in the winter I usually wear jeans or tights with boots. I can see that my old faithful long boots are not the best as the soles are quite thin and not cushioned.
So I'm looking for boots - knee- or calf- height preferably - which are flat and ideally feel like trainers inside a bit more cushioned and supportive under foot. Can you help? Also trainer recommendations welcome as I haven't bought any for about 15 years.

homemom Sun 24-Apr-16 18:57:19


I see your post is quite old, but if your still looking try:

Earth spirit
Fly London

Or even cotton traders for lovely padded sole ballet flats

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