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Smart elasticated waist trousers for 3yo

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ToBeAChadsman Wed 14-Oct-15 09:29:05

Can anyone point me in the direction of some trousers for a 3yo that are smart (thinking something like chinos) but can be pulled up and down easily with no buttons etc? DS usually lives in joggers and jogger jeans but needs something smarter for a funeral - but a button would be a bit much to ask of a just-potty-trained little boy in a hurry.

dementedpixie Wed 14-Oct-15 09:34:22

Next tends to have a range of pull on trousers that should suit

duckyneedsaclean Wed 14-Oct-15 09:35:52

Or h&m are good for that sort of thing.

ToBeAChadsman Wed 14-Oct-15 13:39:32

Thanks both! The pull-on trousers in Next look a bit more casual than what I had in mind, but there's a pair in H&M which look a bit smarter and might do the trick. Does anyone have any other suggestions before I go for them?

Really don't understand why they bother with buttons at this age - or am I the only one whose 3yo isn't coordinated enough to faff with buttons when they're desperate for the toilet?

OpposableThumbs Wed 14-Oct-15 13:44:57

I think all the trousers my DD has from H&M have a button but it is never undone. They are elasticated enough in the waist to mean they can be pulled up and down even with it done up.

ToBeAChadsman Wed 14-Oct-15 13:46:11

That's good to know - thanks!

Datschi Wed 14-Oct-15 13:51:25

Vertbaudet often have good elasticated waist trousers, and ones with adjustable stretchy waistbands etc. They even have some with a fake button and fly, which my DC likes.

My DC struggles with buttons, and I have found Vertbaudet usually have the best range. Boden is also good. Both pricy, but the clothes last well, and you can usually get good discount codes with Vertbaudet in particular.

DeathMetalMum Wed 14-Oct-15 13:52:54

Boots usually have nice smart stuff for girls I would imagine they would have something too. A lot of their trousers have a press stud rather than a button.

ToBeAChadsman Wed 14-Oct-15 13:54:06

Any idea if the same is true of Next and Asda trousers? Can't get to H&M and their online delivery times are too tight for me to risk at this stage.

MyFavouriteClintonisGeorge Wed 14-Oct-15 14:05:00

Uniqlo has nice pull-up elasticated cords and chinos. Size 3-4 twill trousers come in grey (below) and black. Order today and collect tomorrow. £12.90.

IAmAPaleontologist Wed 14-Oct-15 14:12:25

Sainsburys has loads of chinos in various colours that are adjustable elastic waist, ds2 is 3 and manages his no problems.

ToBeAChadsman Wed 14-Oct-15 14:39:43

Those look fab Clinton but sadly I'm not within reach of a Uniqlo to collect. Sounds like I've been too closed-minded about trousers with buttons though so I'll hit the shops with DS on Friday so he can try them out. I guess as well we'll be with him to help so it's not like when he has to manage alone at nursery - I just don't want to add any extra stress into an upsetting day.

kathrynh02 Fri 04-Dec-15 13:10:23

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