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Boys vests

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abcdefghijk987654321 Tue 21-Jul-15 21:42:43

Hi All,
My son starts school in August. We are in Scotland so it won't be warm most of the school year. Thankfully his school uniform is sky blue polos rather than white (would never stay clean). As I won't have large amounts of white clothes to wash I thought I would avoid white for vests too (means I won't have the machine on for small loads) - but I can't find sky blue boys vests anywhere. Is it just too early in the year? Has anyone ever spotted them?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

CMOTDibbler Tue 21-Jul-15 21:52:02

M&S have them in t shirt style vests online

abcdefghijk987654321 Tue 21-Jul-15 21:55:44

Thanks, CMOTDibbler.
I'll keep these in reserve in case I can't find anything else, but I was hoping for the sleeveless type. The search goes on .............

MrsNuckyThompson Tue 21-Jul-15 21:57:08

As it's just vests couldn't you just buy white then wash them in with the shirts. If they go a bit blue, so what?

penny13610 Tue 21-Jul-15 21:59:36 petit bateau

abcdefghijk987654321 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:01:10

What a brilliant idea MrsNuckyThompson. Thanks.

Hero1callylost Tue 21-Jul-15 22:02:14

Why would you need to do a small wash for white vests? I wash everything at 30 and never have any problems with colours running or whites going grey.

abcdefghijk987654321 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:05:41

Hmm. I don't know what I do wrong but my whites so seem to lose their brightness if I wash in with colours. But if a blue tinge I guess no problem.

abcdefghijk987654321 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:10:52

Thanks for the link penny13610. I'll take a look.

penny13610 Tue 21-Jul-15 22:15:13

Or get some white ones and have a tie dye session with DS
DS2 was really messy and I have never strived to be a bright white fanatic, so we tie dyed some and had some darkish blue ones as well.

abcdefghijk987654321 Wed 22-Jul-15 07:40:46

Hi penny13610. What a brilliant idea making a craft activity out of it. My son will love that.

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