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Help! What is this??

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cemay Thu 30-Apr-15 21:43:51

I've been gifted some gorgeous clothes for my 6 month old DD. In the bag was a sleepsuit with no legs, but instead an elasticated skirt bit. What is this?? When would I use it?

anonymice Fri 01-May-15 16:12:46

It is a bundler like this one use it when they are small and sleeping. Is warm like a sleeping bag and you just lift it up when you need to change their nappy.

cemay Fri 01-May-15 19:17:15

Ah thank you!! It's my third child but genuinely never seen them before! Will be perfect for my DD then as she's not keen on her feet being covered!

anonymice Sat 02-May-15 07:57:32

They are quite expensive but really good. Saved so much time undoing babygro poppers.....

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