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Small nursery uniform

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Lilslilone Sun 11-Jan-15 12:34:01

So my december 2012 little one has just started nursery and needs to wear a uniform. (Royal blue sweatshirt and rosy am blue or yellow polo top) the ones that you can buy for the nursery start at age 2 and are HUGE on her, down past her knees. She's two, but was a preemie and has had trouble with ftt and kidney failure so is really small and wears mostly 9-12/12-18 months clothes. Anyone got any suggestions of where I could buy small sweatshirts from? The smallest I've found is age three which is stil massive on her sad please help!

BMO Sun 11-Jan-15 12:37:18

How about a plain white/grey sweatshirt from somewhere like H&M and dye it?

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