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Sources for cropped cashmere cardies

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psmm100 Mon 08-Dec-14 11:09:30

My wife has given me a very specific Christmas present to find for her
- she hates shopping (as do I).

she wants a:
- cropped cashmere cardigan
- V-necked, not round
- bright colours

and then the killer:
- "Something imaginative and fun"

I have no idea where to start with this.
I'm hoping the collective brain of Mumsnet can help.


holeinmyheart Tue 09-Dec-14 06:43:13

Try 'Pure Clothing ' for the Cashmere cardigan, or Jigsaw or The White Company.
For something fun you could buy her a half day at a Macaroon baking day. Or a spa day at a local swanky Hotel, with a manicure,pedicure etc, thrown in. Or something you could do together such as a weekend in the Lakes or Go Cart racing etc, at Google type in 'Red Letter Days'

Or even a weekend in Blackpool. You may laugh but Blackpool is cheap and cheerful and there is lots to do if it rains and the funfair is one of the biggest in the world. The Imperial Hotel is one of its best hotels.
Also there is the huge Gay club 'funny Girls' that puts on Transvestite show to make your mind boggle. It is full of straight people. That could be classed as fun.
What you do really depends on how much money you have got to spend.

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