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Recommendations for waterproofs for a 1yr old please?

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NakedFamilyFightClub Wed 05-Nov-14 15:49:11

We spend a fair bit of time outdoors and I need suitable clothing for my DS who's 1. So far we've got plently warm clothes but nothing that can really cope with rain and staying inside on rainy days is beginning to get boring now he's walking.

I was thinking of waterproof coat and trousers with warm baselayers so we can layer up/down as the weather changes. They need to be flexible enough to let him run around but sturdy enough to survive hard use (though I can patch up small rips).

Can anyone give me any recommendations?

Taystee Wed 05-Nov-14 16:12:36

Not trousers and jacket but I've got a brilliant all in one by Bush baby that has two zips and opens out flat so easy to put on. You could layer up with fleece top and trousers or onesie. I've also got a togz one which is lovely and looks very good quality. Both I bought on eBay in great condition very cheaply

NakedFamilyFightClub Wed 05-Nov-14 19:39:04

Thanks Tay, I'll have a look at those smile

nbee84 Wed 05-Nov-14 19:43:32

I bought one of these for an active 20 month old that like to get muddy. You can buy them lined and unlined.

I was going to get unlined so that when it's really cold I could put his coat on underneath but it didn't look roomy enough so I want for the fleece lined which is big enough to wear with a nice thick jumper.

QuicheConverter Wed 05-Nov-14 19:44:10

I got some waterproof dungarees off eBay (new) that have been fab and lasted years. Think they are regatta.

I really rate the JoJo Maman Bebe gear - although it is ££££ it wears and washes really well, is lovely and warm and gets a good resell price after.

BikeRunSki Wed 05-Nov-14 19:45:33

I second Bush Baby. I've had many styles, colours and sizes over the last few years. You can get them from [] Little trekkers]]

Other good brands include Jojo Maman Bebe, H&M and Polarn o Pyret.

bakingtins Wed 05-Nov-14 19:46:11

Regatta all in one puddle suit.

Tiptoeshoes Wed 05-Nov-14 19:53:31

Yes yes to regatta all in one puddlesuit.

Got one off eBay. Brilliant for 1-2 year olds.

Come up small though.

JuniperTisane Wed 05-Nov-14 19:56:13

My boys tend towards long bodies and short legs so all-in-ones have a habit of giving them wedgies. Because of this I favour waders and jacket combo. They both have [ this set]] its really good quality and they come up big so ds1 has had his for 2 years and still going strong. Ds2 is 22 months and his is a little big but he looks great and they are bomb proof.

JuniperTisane Wed 05-Nov-14 19:57:11

try again

singlespeedlass Wed 05-Nov-14 19:59:13

Another recommendation for the bushbaby. Have also had some excellent waterproofs frm H&M and gap.

NakedFamilyFightClub Thu 06-Nov-14 08:42:16

I've ordered the Didriksons Kids Slaskeman, thanks Juniper! I found a few discontinued colours on for £25 which seemed really good value.

I've also had a look on ebay and I'm watching some bushbaby stuff, there's some great bargains by the looks of it.

Thanks all for the replies! flowerssmile

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