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Shoes / boots for ds (9) who has very narrow (C) feet

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docket Sun 19-Oct-14 20:55:08

Ds is a 4C and I can't find shoes anywhere that don't swamp his feet. Even E fitting ones from startrite are no good. I think they've got thinner as they've grown longer, we used to get the slimmest ones we could and they just about worked but now nothing fits him. He can't be the only child around with narrow feet - does anyone know where I could get him some shoes that actually fit?!

trumpfamily Sun 19-Oct-14 21:32:29

I would start with Clarks.

littlesupersparks Sun 19-Oct-14 21:37:42

Have you looked into getting them made? It must be very difficult :-/ I've thought that European makes are a bit narrower than British?

docket Mon 20-Oct-14 11:05:17

Clarks don't work, some styles come in an E but they still gape. I will have a look into European shoes, good idea

ParadiseLifestyle Wed 05-Nov-14 16:37:39

Try shoes for babies, toddlers, kids up to Size UK 11


Monkeyblue2 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:32:26

With dd we buy e fitting from Clarks and out an inosole in them. She's a bit younger so can't so laces. Are there any lace up style that might work!

BikeRunSki Wed 07-Jan-15 19:36:51

DS has feet narrower than E and wears "Superfit" shoes - a German brand from local independent shop.

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