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Heads up with Hunter Welly Boots

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MunchBunch01 Wed 05-Feb-14 10:18:01

Hey all, I work for a footwear website, we've just been told by Hunter they are changing the way they work they're ranges, thought I'd give you all the heads up on Hunters range changes before all the current prices & size ranges change.

From Spring/Summer of this year they are completely changing how they do they're ranges. The childrens ranges (which we sell to alot of adults) will be stopping at a UK 4 instead of the UK 5, and the prices are rising from £30-£35 to about £55, the standard original tall boots are going to be split from Unisex ranges into separate mens & womens ranges (with the fit changing, so going to be worth trying new ones on before buying to check if the same size still fits) and prices are rising to about £85.

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