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Where do you buy teenage boys clothes?

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MrsTaraPlumbing Sun 22-Sep-13 13:17:15

I want my son to be ale to try on loads of pairs of jeans to find a couple of airs that look great.
He is now 11 and about 5 feet tall
Next only stock clothes up to age 12, my DS hasn't ftted in those since he was 9.
M&S are mostly the same, occasionally they have one item age 13-14 but these are now too small.
John Lewis (Bluewater) same problem.
Last year we found the best selection in store and actually bought from TESCO! Not a pace I expect to buy jeans and I haven't looked in their yet this year.
Earlier this year I also bought him a range of tops from menswear (and I totally recent that adult clothes for an 11 year old includes 20% VAT).
If you have boys who wear clothes age 12-16 how do you get clothes.

O yes. Of course M&S and Next will order in to store so we can try them - but we have to pay for every item first. How ridiculous is that.

foxbasealpha Sun 22-Sep-13 13:21:36

H&M - lots of styles to choose from, they last well and very well priced.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 22-Sep-13 13:25:28

We order from next and try on at home. Have done since DS was about 10. You don't have to pay first - they charge on account so as long as you pay quickly you don't pay interest. If you try on in store you can return there and then.

They do up to 16, including some styles in plus size (which isn't just for obese kids - DS is classic rugby build!).

We've just moved into their adult range now he's a 32 waist at age 13.

MrsTaraPlumbing Sun 22-Sep-13 13:52:18

We don't have a local H&M but I will investigate.
Next account - good idea - I hadn't thought of that.

Truth is hate shopping and so just a few times a year I want to run in and out of a shop that is conveniently located. And get the job done. I should have been born a man!

Eve Sun 22-Sep-13 13:57:09


I have a very skinny 14 year old, these all suit him.

BigBoobiedBertha Sun 22-Sep-13 14:14:03

I have a DS who is about 5ft 8", 32" waist and 31 inside leg so even school uniform for 16 yr olds doesn't seem to fit him which strikes me as odd. Surely there are lots of 16 yr olds taller and broader than DS so who decides theses sizes fits what age? He was 13 7 weeks ago.

I am afraid he has had to wear small adults for the last couple of yrs and I too resent having to pay the VAT. Supermarkets are quite useful because they are cheap and you don't feel the impact of the VAT so much. I got him some skinny-ish black jeans from Asda at £9 a pair so that was OK. He has just moved up from 30" waist to 32" waist and it hasn't been too bad to replace them. I should imagine they are similar to Tesco.

Other than the supermarkets, he has stuff from

- M&S adults stuff (red skinny jeans this summer)
- BHS which do decent sized clothes for children up to 15 or 16. The t-shirts are OK although the trousers are quite tight for him across the thighs
- H & M mens
- a tiny bit of Gap from an outlet as I won't spend a fortune when he is growing so much. Their small adult is good too.

It is a bit of a nightmare. Until he was 9 or 10 he fitted in to the size that matched his age but now it all seem to have gone pear shaped and I have no idea what size to buy and from where! It doesn't help that he isn't interested in clothes and so I have to guess what he would like and buy things that might not fit because he won't actually come shopping with me.

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