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Winter Clothing

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earlgray Thu 19-Sep-13 21:45:46

Not really, find some without the rubbery layer inside. They're usually the ones labelled as breathable. Glad to have helped smile

Romily Thu 19-Sep-13 19:53:34

That list is great thanks! Do you have a brand of waterproof trousers that you would recommend?

earlgray Thu 19-Sep-13 09:00:46

Ha, I would recommend decent rubber wellIies, not expensive ones but soft, the colourful plastic ones are hard to walk in for long. Get some nice thick socks with high cotton content to wear over your regular socks- keeps the heat in much better but always try your new wellies with the socks on, tight wellies make your feet cold and uncomfortable.
Invest in some cheap leggings to wear under jeans, tucked into your socks. I never wear skirts so can't comment on more fashionable warm weather gear but wooly tights will probably be essential!
Spend some money on a decent outdoor coat, I like the ones that have a waterproof outer and fleece that you can wear together or separately. Most big outdoor shops like Go Outdoors have lots of choice so go and try lots on. It needs to be comfy and they are all different. As for makes, some can be v expensive so just get the best you can afford, I think it will be worth it to be warm and dry when you are out with your little one!
The only other things you need are cheap comfy waterproof trousers if you really plan on being out in all weathers, wet legs are not pleasant and all the rain that falls on your coat will drip down onto your bum and thighs, plus nice hat, gloves and scarf!
It sounds a lot but the only thing I would spend much on is the coat. Everything else should be cheap as possible.
I work outside in all weather so have learnt quickly how to stay comfy.

Hope that helps and isn't too exhaustive!

Romily Wed 18-Sep-13 14:49:13


My baby is due in January and I am planning on spending a lot of time outdoors and walking when the wee one arrives and I was looking for some recommendations as to what kind/brand of clothes to wear? I really just want to stay as warm, dry and comfortable as possible and have to admit that at the moment I don't really own clothing suitable for spending a great deal of time out in all weathers blush.

Thank you!

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