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Kimono/wrap style baby cardigans?

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Peregrin Tue 20-Aug-13 13:37:45

I can't seem to find many of these around, especially without hoods. I am desperate enough to be thinking of knitting some now, but I really am a newbie to that - I've slowly produced a baby hat over the course of a week, but I'd really rather just buy a ready made cardigan or two.

I love this style:
Or this:

And I would like something in a natural fibre (cotton is fine!). Anybody out there who is better at shopping than I am and could point me to some sources?

like this? or a woolly one?

for boy due soon is it?

free knitting pattern for aran weight.

garter stitch kimono style cardi, I have this pattern. £42. FORTY TWO POUNDS <goes for a lie down>

Peregrin Tue 20-Aug-13 23:34:28

Thank you, MoaningMinge! (great handle, by the way smile)

Either cotton or wool - I am guessing I'll probably need both anyway, unless I find one in superwash merino. Probably alongside a herd of unicorns, by the look of it.

Yes, baby boy is due end of September! Now I am feeling slightly self-conscious. I wouldn't have thought anyone has noticed me here enough to remember that!

And yes, something like your last link, only not for £42...

The garter stitch cardi looks very cute. Did you manage to find the pattern somewhere separately? The ravelry page points to a book and the lady's homepage does not seem to have the pattern on its own. Also, would it require circular knitting (I don't have that skill)?

It's not knitted in the round. It's in a book but it's still easy to get hold of.

I would totally be tempted to knit that in cashmere grin because it's so simple.

But a nice 4ply washable wool would do - maybe something like Patons Dreamtime

If you want a mostly wool one, I would make it out of a sock yarn. They are usually 4ply weight, and 75%wool 25%nylon to add a bit of strength.

Would you be up for handwashing or would it need to be machine washable?

I'm not v good at clothes shopping but shit hot at buying wool grin
Superwash merino 4ply, very cheap.

I would go for a yarn like

or preferably

Peregrin Wed 21-Aug-13 15:32:05

That Eden Cottage yarn is gorgeous!

I handwash delicates now, but I am not sure how much I'll be up for that once the baby is here. Once a week is probably fine, if he throws up on it twice a day then it needs to be machine washable smile

I've used eden cottage yarn before
its lovely. I used the Bowland DK. Colourmart does cones of cashmere for very low prices also worth a look

Peregrin Wed 21-Aug-13 15:54:01

Hm, the Amazon reviews of the book say it has great designs but terrible instructions. :/

I'll have a look at the pattern tonight and come back to you
the projects on ravelry don't mention loads of problems but I will check after.

UriGeller Wed 21-Aug-13 16:11:20

Ah my ds lived in these last winter, sleeveless ones I made from fleece and sweatshirt fabric. They are fabulous as an extra layer.

The Amazon whinges look vague to me TBH, some are complaining the patterns are too fully written out. But if you are a total novice it may be worth looking at other ones that are even easier.
some of those may have knitting in the round No knitting in the round needed, I have made this one twice. It's not a wrap style but is simple and pretty classic IMHO.

Peregrin Fri 23-Aug-13 13:50:06

Thank you for all these links! I've started on a back, and will see which cardi it ends up as. I can't seem to speed up from 3 minutes for a knit row of 44 stitches and 6 minutes for a purl row of the same, so I don't think there are many large knitted items in my future...

However, I do want to try out that Eden Cottage yarn so I'll tackle at least one more project after this one.

I think I looked at the whinges rather than the ones. No matter!

UriGeller, thanks for your comment. I didn't see a link but I imagine you were describing fleece vests.

greyballoon Sun 01-Sep-13 18:35:20

Free pattern for very simple jacket. No picking up stitches, just all knit in garter stitch. Leave off the trim for a boy though!! Emailed to you from

Peregrin Fri 20-Sep-13 16:33:15

Just to report that I have nearly finished the baby yoda cardigan! smile
Greyballoon, I must have missed something but I'll have a look for that email. Thank you!

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