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Gumleaf Viking Wide Calf Wellies - How wide is the actual foot?

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WideFoot Sat 13-Jul-13 00:07:44

I have wide feet and wide calves. Jileon has a 20% sale this weekend (code JIL72 ). Good news!

I have and love the Jileon extra wide calf wellies, which fit me perfectly, but the inside calf buckles keep rubbing together when I walk, forcing me to adopt a cowboy swagger.

So I'm thinking of springing for some of the Gumleaf wide fit wellies (and here) as the buckles are at the back.

I'm a bit concerned that the feet won't be wide enough, though, and can't find foot width measurements on their site. Going an extra size up in length in order to get the required width is a pain, which I'd like to avoid if possible. I'd like to buy them this weekend while the sale is on (no time to contact and have a reply from the vendor). And I live in New Zealand, so returns are non-trivial.

Does anyone either happen to have a pair of these in size 8, which they can measure, or happen to have both brands in any size so they can let me know how they compare in foot width? (I'll go and see if there is a festival wellies section here to ask in as well smile )

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