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Nursing bras

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FifiHB Wed 01-May-13 17:46:14

Just a recommendation for a website/company I have used called , which is the best place I have found for buying nursing bras from several suppliers, but more specifically in my case in a larger size of 42D. My usual pre-pregnancy bra size was 38c, I didn't think too out of the ordinary. I went to M+S to get measured and then was told they had nothing in the store in my size. The only bras they could order in were luminous pink and blue and cotton without much support . They certainly weren't what I would choose to feel feminine and well supported . Both bras I ordered were dispatched and arrived within 24 hrs .The prices were reasonable for the quality. Both have excellent clips with drop down cups. Most of all though their sizes were much more reasonable, with larger sizing than mine available. Some sites I have found don't have bras for nursing any larger than 38d , which is just incredible. Even M+S own website says that your bra size can be expected to increase by 4 inches and up to 4 cup sizes in pregnancy, so why don't they cater for that with what they sell? I was beginning to feel like a freak! I cannot recommend the enough. I have no declared interest in promoting this company.

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