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Trousers for 'larger' 12 yr old boy

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BlogOnTheTyne Mon 08-Apr-13 08:45:48

DS2 is too 'slim' for generous fit trousers but much too wide for average size for his age. Where can I find good quality trousers eg chinos, for his chunky thigh/bottom/hips size?

If I use generous fit trousers - eg for school - these work if they have an adjustable waist but are far too big if I can't pull in the waist.

His measurements are: Waist: 77cm/30.5 inches
Hips: 91 cm/35.5 inches
Inside leg: 68cm/26.5 inches

So he fits trousers for a 15/16 yr old but has far too short legs to make these adaptable, ie cut down and rehemmed.

Any ideas?

accessorizequeen Tue 09-Apr-13 23:33:19

Which brands have you tried so far for plus size? I think Next, M&s and Lands End for sure, I think M&S quite short so worth a try? I also think chinos are the wrong style for chunky of thigh tbh so maybe that's the problem.Stick to styles that have more stretch or give in those areas. A rib waist might work with working drawstring? H&M do different styles of jeans for instance & Boden do rib waists. I actually have skinny ds's but no-one had replied smile

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