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help me find a good quality suit for my 7 year old please

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aniablossom Mon 18-Feb-13 17:11:09

Hi, this is the first time I'm so actively seeking for help but I really am at a loss! My family are going to a wedding in at the end of this month and I still have not found a decent suit for my son who is 7 years old. I have looked at M&S, John Lewis, Next. I've searched online - but I am struggling to find anything that fits him well and is made of good high quality material. Can anyone help? I am super stuck. Thanks! Ax

defineme Mon 18-Feb-13 17:15:16

I was going to suggest M&S as my 10 yr old has just had a lovely blazer from there, but obviously not what you're looking for.
Can you hire one/buy one from wedding outfitters then-perhaps they will have the quality you're looking for?
Is it a very formal wedding/has he a role in the wedding? Most kids I see at wedding just have chinos/shirt/possibly tie and or blazer?

aniablossom Mon 18-Feb-13 17:22:24

It's a formal wedding, and I am looking for a suit that fits him perfectly. I have looked at hiring one, but would prefer to buy as we have a number of weddings / christenings over the summer as well.

Perhaps it was my chain of M&S, but I didn't find they had an overwhelming choice unfortunately. And the one jacket he did try on was just not cut properly sad

defineme Mon 18-Feb-13 19:27:59

You could try ordering a range of things online to be delivered to store and then trying things on instore.
Or you could try going to more upmarket designer shops?

LynetteScavo Mon 18-Feb-13 19:31:54

I think boys suits usually aren't cut properly, which is why people avoid them.

Monsoon may be worth a look.

UrbanLolly Tue 19-Feb-13 19:06:44

Zara have a really good quality suit you can check it out online...

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