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Where to buy a christening outfit?

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Tobagostreet Wed 13-Feb-13 21:35:34

Have a look on Roco Clothing website - very reasonable and some lovely gowns.

WorkingtoohardMama Wed 13-Feb-13 21:31:56

I got both of my dc's outfits from, they are 6 and 3 now, so might not be as good as it used to be but worth a try!

KerzM Wed 13-Feb-13 21:25:52

Sarah Louise do beautiful Christening outfits .. or John Lewis

SmellyFartado Sat 09-Feb-13 16:19:56

Designers by Debenhams
Vertbaudet - or however you spell that French mail order one
John Lewis

Think I saw one online on the Florence and Fred Tesco site not long ago. Was really pretty ivory with a blush sash round the waist and definitely didn't look like a supermarket item.

Hope you find a nice outfit for the christening. Spring clothes are all coming back into the shops at the moment so am sure you'll find something

Vespar7 Sat 09-Feb-13 10:52:23

Hi DD is 3 months and is getting christened at the end of March. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy a nice white dress for about £50?


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