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I need some temporary jeans

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BikeRunSki Thu 27-Dec-12 21:33:23

I have recently lost 2 stone and have 9 pounds to go to reach my target weight. M Yay! It means that I can fit back into my work clothes, which is just as well as I am going back to work next week after 15 months maternity-annual-accumulated leave (less yay).

I work pt and have a 4 yo (not yet at school) and a 1 yo. All my SAHM-running-around-after-the-kids type clothes are too big and all my jeans flap about when I am doing all that running around.... I need some smaller jeans, but I am reluctant to spend much on any just yet, in case I am a smaller size when i get to target. I have no jeans left from Pre DD, they were all knackered and mumsy-bootleggy.

So, I am 5'8", curvy and chunky of thigh, and somewhere between a 14 and a 12. I need cheap jeans! DH is taking the children away overnight to his parents tommorow, I have 24 hours child-free shopping time. Where to go? All I can think of is Sainsbury's for cheap, functional but not too hideous. And what style?

marriednotdead Thu 27-Dec-12 21:41:52

Sainsburys do good jeans and great jeggings. Some hipster and some on the waist which are great for round apple shapes like me. I'd suggest going along with an open mind, wearing the footwear and top type that you intend to wear with them. Good luck!

NellyBluth Thu 27-Dec-12 21:48:57

I've always found Dorothy Perkins jeans ok for about £15. They don't wash well in the long run, but you can't really expect that for the price.

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