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Boots, quality winter boots!!

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GreeenFingers Wed 12-Dec-12 21:22:32

I am finacially embarrassed. In other words havent got a pot to pee in.Am of a certain age whre Primarni doesn't do it for me ,so but all my clothes from charity shops. Do very well too, quality gear for next to nothing! Problem lies with shoes. mother gave me £ 30 for Christmas towards a new pair of boots. Very kind of her ,but leather boots start at £100 for pretty asic ones . I scoured the city for something suitable. My last pair, Clarkes were £100 ,7 years ago, and not all that great.Second hand quality boots are pretty scarce. I was left wondering what my options were? Then..... A brainwave joltede me back to platen earth..... Some kids have big feet yeah??
Off I trotted to Clarkes. " Do you have boots on lager sizes?" I asked " oh, yes, only up to 5 1/2 " they replied.
Result!!!!! A great pair of incredibly good quality, robust ,leather" biker" style boots for the princely sum of ,guess what????
£52 inc vat. Oh yeah baby, they Aare BLOODY GORGEOUS! Better than anything you'd get in the adult range. Check 'em out.
For anyone interested the style is ;"Kelpie Splash"

GreeenFingers Wed 12-Dec-12 21:29:49

my spelling i dire, and my laptop slow, please excuse the typos.

chickenyummychicken Wed 12-Dec-12 21:39:51

how are the sizes?
could a size 6 fit them?

GreeenFingers Wed 12-Dec-12 22:08:38

Well, mine are a 5 1/2 but a bit big ( growing room) so no probs for a 6. The quality is fab, much better than the adult stuff. I asked candidly, if other grown up buy them, and they said well yes, they do indeed, Give 'em a go.I took the % 1/2 as I have reynualds and need " breathing " space. I'm an older mom

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