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Is Hollisterco4sale a fake site?

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nippysweetie82 Mon 17-Dec-12 22:07:44

Hi, I just noticed your reply. Thanks for getting back to me. I decided not to order from them anyway as the English on the site was quite poor. I will just have a look in the Hollister store but might need to pack a torch to see the prices!

MrsMushroom Thu 29-Nov-12 22:33:40

Just been to look and I wouldn't touch them. In their "about us" section they speak in American English and mention that their shipping is worldwide...they price it there in dollars. But their products are priced as pounds....this in itself is dodgy.

They also have no contact details apart from a gmail email adress...these are free. Any trustworthy business has a paid-for email adrress...theirs SHOULD be something like

NOT Gmail

Oooh and I just read this on their FAQ

*Are the Hollister products authentic?
Our products are not manufactured through the authentic brand companies, but they are created using manufacturing facilities the origin brand companies utilize, like the durable materials, professional craftsmanship and custom color way. Our products don't mean low quality. They're made following a standard of original ones; almost tell no differences towards the original ones.
We deal directly through the manufactory worked for Hollister. But they are not covered by Hollister warranty and not be authorized by Hollister. That?s why we can offer you top quality products at such great discounted prices.*

Meaning that these clothes are NOT real Hollister.

nippysweetie82 Thu 29-Nov-12 14:25:25

Hi, my daughter wants a hollister hoodie for xmas and I came across this website. It seems to be the cheapest place for hoodies but has anyone else ever heard of it or ordered from it? I noticed that someone had raised the issue on a scam forum but there was no definite answer.
Hope someone can help, thanks.

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