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Mums of 0-3years I need fashion advice :)

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FashionBaby Mon 26-Nov-12 17:56:28

How would you all feel about having to buy less clothing for your children?

I am currently designing children?s clothing that includes;
- Two styles (colour-ways) for the price of one
-Hard wearing
-Comfortable ( a lot of soft jersey)
-Will have reinforced knees and other problem areas.
-Will have stylish features that your child can grow with (such as turn ups that lengthen the garment for when your child grows taller)

Although the one garment may be slightly more expensive, would you as a parent consider investing in this purchase if it will last a year or more with your child?

Your comments will go toward my University course work so all opinions are wanted and welcome.
I look forward to this discussion.


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