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Does my DS really need a rain coat? And where shall I get one?

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felixfelicis1 Tue 16-Oct-12 10:29:34

Quite a trivial question really but does my DS (10 months) need a raincoat? Everytime he stays with my mum she says 'don't forget his raincoat' and 'he needs a raincoat' etc. I haven't bought him one because if its raining we don't generally go out or he is under the rain cover in his buggy.

But maybe he does need one? He doesn't go in his buggy that much as he prefers to walk everywhere but I can't really imagine him trudging around in the rain as he's not yet really big enough to splash about in the puddles etc.

Am I being mad thinking we don't need to bother? If so where should I get one from that is not too madly expensive but that is actually worthwhile?

Thanks so much!

RillaBlythe Tue 16-Oct-12 11:19:22

You don't need to bother if you are managing without one, & happy he is warm & dry!

If you did want one, what about getting him a puddle suit for when he falls over numerous times on the dramp grass? I got a Regatta one cheap as chips on ebay for DD2 age 13m.

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