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My pink-loving daughter chose plain brown shoes and is now devastated! Any ideas on how to make them prettier/less plain/anything?

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InMySpareTime Sun 16-Sep-12 08:19:30

If they're not too dark brown, sharpie pens are good for drawing designs that don't wash off <bitter experience>.

nextphase Sun 16-Sep-12 08:15:23

any ideas here of use for decorating?
There are lots of other ideas on that site - one pair had a red bow stuck to them with glue.

strawberrypenguin Sun 16-Sep-12 08:01:28

Would drawing on them with glitter glue work? Just a few small spots along the strap. Might be worth trying on a old pair first tho!

InMySpareTime Sun 16-Sep-12 07:58:36

Pink embroidery thread and a strong needle, you can sew a pretty design along the seams/around the Velcro etc, incorporate sequins if you're clever at sewing.
You could superglue a little bow on, or sew it on.
Can you tell I had DS before DD, and have "girlified" things before to placate her?

RikersBeard Sun 16-Sep-12 07:54:27

Girly not firmly!

RikersBeard Sun 16-Sep-12 07:53:56

I once turned a pair of brown shoes purple by applying purple shoe polish. You can also get shoe dye. You might nOt be able to get very firmly pale pink, but if you're willing to experiment you could make them more "interesting"?

glitterdust Sun 16-Sep-12 07:45:08

Thank you. Yes, brc, she wore them to leave the shoe shop so can't return them. Also they're the only pair that fitted, tried clarks first then this independent shop. They have a Velcro strap bpp so can't use laces....

PooPooOnMars Sat 15-Sep-12 22:41:46

Some sort of stick on pink sparkly studs?

BigRedCheeks Sat 15-Sep-12 22:39:51

Has she worn them yet?

BigRedCheeks Sat 15-Sep-12 22:39:15

Could you fix a small pink ribbon on each of the shoes?

GoldPedanticPanda Sat 15-Sep-12 22:38:47

Could you buy pink sparkly laces to brighten them up?

glitterdust Sat 15-Sep-12 21:14:21

I don't know why my 5 year old chose clunky completely plain brown shoes other than being exhausted when we went to the shoe shop... She is the girliest girl ever and won't ever wear trousers 'boy colours' etc. They are fantastic quality and fit beautifully, and I just can't buy another pair - just had to buy 3 pairs school shoes! I would be so grateful for any ideas at all

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