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Frugi organic clothes and eczema

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lucylou99 Sun 04-Aug-13 16:42:48

10% off Frugi including sale items at

1plus1equals3 Wed 06-Feb-13 06:06:20

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Cathy15 Tue 04-Dec-12 15:00:20

I am also a big fan of frugi, and other organic clothing, and have found some places online that have great prices, especially when they have a sale on. One in particular is who have a few little shrimp bits too. would really recommend as I got my order in 2 days.

ConfessionsofaMumpreneur Thu 29-Nov-12 11:36:58

Both my boys had eczema as babies and i did a lot of research into organic clothing. It helps as its grown without the pesticides so it helps the skin breathe. Its also these pesticides that are used to grow regular cotton that irritate the skin as the pesticide residue is left behind. Also just wanted to mention that even though the price of organic may be slightly more expensive (however some brands are price comparison wise with Next/ marks& Spencer) it has been proven to last longer. Standard cotton begins to break down after 10/15 washes where as organic doesn't begin to break down until over 100 washes.
Budget wise - you can get Organic clothes from the following places.
Zara and H&M do a great budget basics organic range
Ava & Luc
KyNa Boutique
Green Baby
Little Shrimp
Organics 4 Kids

shrubbery Wed 15-Aug-12 20:36:04

I've just been inspired by the post about the baby girl crying when having clothes pulled over her head, to recommend Frugi clothes, who are based in Cornwall. I got a set of the wrap around bodies for my boy when he was a baby and they still fit him at 2 1/2, so he now wears them as pyjamas!

I absolutely love them and have dressed my little boy in their clothes almost exclusively, since we discovered them.
I started buying them because my little boy had developed quite bad eczema over most of his body when he was a baby - being organic cotton, it is not full of chemicals and the fibres are longer, meaning that the fabric is much softer and smoother than non-organic cotton, so it seemed to be far less irritating to any dry bits of skin.
Also, the clothes are designed to fit over cloth nappies, which was what we used. This mostly seemed to mean that the bodies don't get to short at the poppers, (like other brands we tried did).

The discount code "Emilym", should give you 10% off first orders and free delivery.

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