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sam251 Wed 26-Oct-11 09:06:32


Just a few questions about christmas;

Would you buy '1st' christmas products for your child or as a gift?

Where do you shop for nice christmas/party outfits?

Do you buy pjs or slippers for your child for christmas?

Would you consider buying christmas dress up for your child to wear?

StaceymAloneForver Wed 26-Oct-11 09:21:03

i think on kids first xmas dd had a red velvet dress, a la mothercare and ds had a red velvet waistcoat (mothercare again i think)

i brought the baby's first christmas stocking myself but dd was bought some bits by family

i always buy the kids pjs for christmas, nice cosy winter ones

and outfits i normally get from zara or similar, although this year ds has got a shirt with gillet type jumper, black trousers and tie from m+s (so cute) and dd is with her dad so i'm not buying her outfit smile

also if they wanted to dress up i'd probably let them tbh


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