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5 y o girl - what shoes for winter

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Belgrano Tue 25-Oct-11 16:43:56

OK so DD's just started school. She therefore has some expensive proper school shoes. But they look pretty grim with her real clothes.
Do most people also spend another £40 on some proper fitted Start-rite/Clarks shoes to wear for 'casual'? Or just trainers and then she has to go to parties in trainers?
Needs new wellies too. We have a dog so lots of walks (when I buy cheapies they split within a few weeks and she also moans about cold feet in winter, however many pairs of socks she has, so I was going to buy something sturdier eg Startrite or Hunter to get insulation and hardwearing-ness but its another expenditure.

So - school shoes, casual shoes, wellies, possibly trainers....All expensive pairs of shoes. It feels a lot for one 3 month period (till feet grow again....!)

What do you do?

azazello Tue 25-Oct-11 20:51:46

We do school shoes and trainers. Most of the parties she goes to are softplay/ running around type things so trainers are perfect and fit in with what we usually do at the weekends anyway. She has hand-me-down wellies from her cousin.

I wouldn't get another pair of fitted shoes for casual - I think I'd go to Next or something and get some which will fall to pieces very quickly but look pretty if she needs it.

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