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Winter Crocs - FAB!

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JALG Sat 22-Oct-11 09:32:08

I have just purchased a pair of Wholly Mammoth Black Crocs off Jelly Egg for my 7yr old. Firstly because I am sick of spending ages waiting for her to squeeze her feet into her trainers and secondly because I could not prize the £4 pair of jelly shoes that she had for summer off her feet even though her toes had started to turn blue through the cold! These shoes are fab. They are lined inside with a sheepskin material and the black ones that we chose have a silver line running around the edge of the sole that make them look really funky. They also have a lovely diamante 'Jibbit' on one of the shoes which adds to the effect and makes them 'cool' wear for little girls. They are really good for just pushing on but also hard wearing for scooters and bikes. I am pleased with my purchase. They did cost £25 which is a lot of money, but still cheaper than most trainers these days and they were delivered free of charge next day delivery.

I was so impressed that I went on to Ebay and ordered myself a pair - A word of warning! It did not say where my shoes were coming from, and after I had agreed the sale I got a message telling me they would be 2-3 weeks? They are coming from China so I am also dubious about there authenticity, so I would pay the money and get the real thing!

CandiceMariePratt Sat 22-Oct-11 11:17:54

I have some snuggly winter crocs. I wore them on the school run last week and another mum came up to me and said " my god Candice your shoes are horrible". sad

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