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Anyone else had problems with H&M online?

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Marne Wed 28-Sep-11 12:39:25

I ordered a coat and a cardigain 3 weeks ago, was starting to get anoyed as it has not arrived so checked online and it says 'expected delivery 14th october' shock, i'm not happy as i was not told i would have to wait this long when i ordered, so i e-mailed customer services and they basicly said 'tough shit' and then offered to check stock for me at nearby stores (i live about 8o miles from a H&M store so was not impressed that they wanted me to collect from store), so winter is now looming and i have no coat.

I'm IBU to expect not to wait 5 weeks for an item to be delivered?

Are H&M always this crap?

accessorizequeen Fri 30-Sep-11 19:58:34

There have been several threads about this , and basically they are crap. My delivery was 3 weeks later than they said and I think I got off lightly compared to others! Tis a pity as they do a good lot of stuff for the dc and there's not much choice in the store near me.
Phaps start an s&B thread to find another coat?

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