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Trousers/dungarees with poppers?

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CloverCarr Fri 26-Aug-11 09:40:57

DC3 is 10 mo, but he's going into age 2-3 clothes. None of the trousers and dungarees I've seen in this size have poppers on the legs (understandably so).

Can anyone point me in the direction of some which do?


downpipe Fri 26-Aug-11 10:09:31

I needed sleep suits with zips in 2-3 yrs and found nothing in the shops but several on eBay.Have you looked there?But have to say, just had DS1 in track suit bottoms and elastic waist jeans at this age so maybe just do that as easy to find

Ruth1234 Wed 31-Aug-11 17:48:53

Some of the baby range at John Lewis goes up to 2-3 years, and I have seen dungarees with poppers in there.

memphis83 Wed 31-Aug-11 17:49:53

Saw some in John Lewis and Pumpkin patch today.

hellymelly Wed 31-Aug-11 17:50:36

petit bateau dungarees go up to 2- 3y with poppers I think.Also Oshkosh.They are easy to get on ebay.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 31-Aug-11 17:51:15

Boden have some

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