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shoes - pediped/hushpuppies

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rachael2401 Wed 17-Aug-11 14:03:11

I am desperately seeking the perfect shoes for my daughter who is walking now. I have avoided any sort of crawlers/cruisers until she could walk properly. I was told in a shoeshop (Clinkards) that she would be OK in cruisers as she was just starting to walk so I cought a pair of Clarks cruisers from them. She is now really walking properly and I want some proper shoes. I already have the guilt after going to Jones and the woman telling me that she should definitely be in proper shoes now not the softer ones she's in so I want to get her the best shoes I can. There are no decent shoe shops where I live except a Fashion Direct which has a Clarks section but I was not convinced by the fitters there when I took DD in the other day. We have now got a 'pop up' shoe shop which sells Hush Puppies and Pedipeds and I wondered whether anyone has any experience of these brands?
What is the general feeling on Clarks vs Startrite? I always wanted DD to have startrite as that's what I had and I know their leather is dyed through as opposed to Clarks which is only surface dyed and therefore scuffs more.
Any help appreciated!

debivamp Thu 18-Aug-11 00:24:15

My DD has very narrow feet so for me it is stratrite all the way. They also have a better range in all sizes.

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