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School trousers that fit tall skinny kids

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joshandjamie Mon 15-Aug-11 14:13:55

Where can I find school trousers for boys who are tall and skinny? Rather annoying just bought some from M&S and only realised at home that they didn't have the adjustable waist elastic things. Before I trek back into town to return them, does anyone have any suggestions on where I might find suitable trousers because in M&S I only saw one rack of boys trousers and they were all the same - so doubt they will have any with the adjustable waists. If I find waists that fit, the length is too short.


bumpybecky Mon 15-Aug-11 14:19:59

try debenhams

we've used them the last couple of years for dd1, who was wearing boys trousers as they were taller and thinner than the girls ones! this was aged 10-12 ish They've lasted as well as any others and were reasonably priced

ptangyangkipperbang Mon 15-Aug-11 14:20:01

Next are really good and have quite a few skinny styles to choose from. They wash well too. I don't know if they have them instore or if you have to order them from the directory.

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