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Whre to buy toddler shoes?

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AngelDog Wed 27-Jul-11 06:26:29

...that aren't as expensive as Clarks/Startrite?

DS has wide feet (G fitting) so I need to find somewhere that sells different widths.

DrSeuss Wed 27-Jul-11 12:47:04

Take your child to shoe shop selling Clark's etc when they are hungry/over tired/grumpy/about to go ape shit. Have feet measured, with accompanying screaming if pos. Excuse yourself from shop, saying kid about to blow, will come back at better time. Take measurements and go to ebay. Simples! Works best in larger towns with lots of shoe shops.

AngelDog Wed 27-Jul-11 21:48:25

Thanks. No need, as I was speculatively asking about wellies in one shoe shop. They measured him but didn't have any of the right size in stock so I got away without embarassment! smile

Ebay's the next port of call.

theothermrsclooney Wed 27-Jul-11 21:56:29

Clarks have a sale on at the moment bought DC2 shoes reduced from £30 to £10 last week!

BornToFolk Wed 27-Jul-11 21:59:38

Or go to Shoes for Kids. Clarks, Startrite etc but cheaper

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