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School uniform: M&S v ASDA (regarding quality/wear)

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PureBloodMuggle Tue 05-Jul-11 12:08:23

I'm living in Ireland and usually get my boys uniform in M&S, over here it's the best quality I've found (and also they do adjustable waist which is needed for my skinny boys!)

I was planning on getting it all in their 3 of 2 sale, but have just found out that they aren't doing it this year shock. They are doing a 20% off at the moment but I'd budgeted it all for next month or even August as I've just bought all DS1's school books this month.

Now I am coming home (I'm from the UK) for a while and know that ASDA do affordable uniform.

Was wondering what the quality is like? Does it wear well? No point my buying them trousers and having to then go to M&S during the year and replace them!!!

Also how is the fit my two are thin

Any pointers welcome!!!

PureBloodMuggle Tue 05-Jul-11 12:14:06

Oh and I should say that I only really have to get trousers, tracksuit bottoms and polo shirts for them and the rest is all crested (in truth the polo shirts I'm suppoed to get are crested but I'm being rebelious)

AND to just throw a spanner in the works DS2 is freaky about buttons (don't ask!) and doesn't like them on his trousers

nickschick Tue 05-Jul-11 12:16:13

I buy Asda smile they wash and wear well - M&S trousers are a little better quality but not hugely.

The trousers from asda are often elasticated and no buttons either.

PureBloodMuggle Wed 06-Jul-11 22:59:30


Worked out these's about €3 difference with ASDA being the slightly cheaper (though that does get me an extra polo top in ASDA)

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