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Girl's school shoes

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dav73 Wed 04-May-11 18:37:39

My daughter is a nightmare with her school shoes. After only a day she comes home with the fronts scraped off of them. It drives me mad!
I know boys shoes often have some extra protection at the front to avoid this problem, but has anyone seen any girl's shoes like this? Or, does anyone have any ideas on how to reduce/prevent this problem?
Hoping someone has seen something that might help.

80sbabe Fri 01-Jul-11 00:25:35

Some manufacturers are finally starting to wake up to the fact that little girls scuff their shoes and can be a bit boisterous at playtime in them, climb walls, ride bikes etc....

Ricosta, Hush Puppies and Supafit all do ranges with toe bumpers or scuff guards on the front. They don't cover all sizes though and generally are for smaller sizes up to about a size 13 or 2 at largest.
For older children / larger sizes Ricosta, Supafit and Petasil also do ranges with double layers of leather on the toes which strengthens them.
Ricosta, Buckle My Shoe and Petasil also do shoes with inbuilt reinforced / hardened toes which are tougher but don't have the rubber guard on the front.
However all these brands are at the middle to higher end of the cost scale you can expect to pay £35 min upwards.
In the last year or so a new brand called Toughees has reached the UK market - they are marketed as harder wearing leather but I haven't yet seen them in action so can't say how good they are. Could be worth looking out for though if you have a nearby stockist.

In terms of reducing or prevention (apart from drilling steel toe caps on) you cannot beat an investment in a good wax shoe renovator. Not a liquid or a cream you need a proper wax based polish. Kiwi is the cheapest and you can buy it in a tin from most supermarkets. Although the best I know of is Woly Wax Classic which comes in a jar. It will cover and repair most scuffs, scrapes and scratches and provides a better resistance than Kiwi. You can buy it online for around £5 a jar and a jar goes a long way even if you are using it on a regular basis.

A good polish will keep the shoes looking best for longer but you do have to keep applying it. You can also get wax sprays which will help protect leather - it depends how much extra money you want to chuck at it on top of buying the shoes.

Hope this helps smile

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