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wide shoes to fit orthotics

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swanny1969 Sun 24-Apr-11 21:55:14

Hi my 7yr daughter takes an H fitting, which is hard enough on its own, but she now has orthotics and so far we have had no luck in getting school shoes. Does anyone know where we could go?Poor thing, she does not want boys shoes which has been a suggestion!

PigeonPie Sun 24-Apr-11 22:06:27

I would suggest asking your Orthotics Department for shoes from them. I have heard of so many children who are fitted with orthotics and then parents are expected to find shoes which are just not available and think it's ridiculous.

The orthopaedic shoes for children are not as bad as they were when I was a child and if it means you can actually get a pair to fit rather than have the utter despondency I had as a child of not being able to get anything to fit - or having to have something which wasn't 'regulation brown / black' because it was the only thing to fit on my feet, then I think it's worth the battle with the NHS!

Chaneco are the people who do my shoes (adult's obviously!).

Even, as a start if you mention to the hospital that you are having trouble finding shoes and ask them if they could do the measuring etc (as I certainly wouldn't be happy about doing that) and seeing if you can either get a discount for them or get them from the hospital. I'm not sure whether all hospitals use these suppliers or whether there are others, but certainly the Nuffield in Oxford use them.

Blu Sun 24-Apr-11 22:07:40

Do the orthotics department not provide her with Piedros or similiar to fit? If there are no high st shoes that will fit? My DS's shoes are provided by the orthotics service.

Often cheap trainers with very wide opening fronts - i.e the opening goes all the way to the toe - are the best.

Try asking on the STEPS forum - lots of parents there with experience of looking fo shoes to go over splints.

Good luck!

Blu Sun 24-Apr-11 22:10:14

DS's shoes come from Duna or Piedro and another supplier I can't remember, and there are plenty of very funky designs! But we don't pay for the - he has split sizes, we cost the NHS a fortune (thank you NHS - ds wouldn't be walking without it)

concernedaboutthis Sun 24-Apr-11 22:13:21

we have a sim' problem, elefantan (sp) online can be quite deep as can some startrite, otherwise trial and error, clarkes vary depending on season, not so good for us this year. You can try shoes on in shops and then sometimes order from amazon for cheaper prices. I wish you luck, finding shoes for orthotics, is a bind.

swanny1969 Sun 24-Apr-11 22:15:22

thanks, we went privately to a podietrist that has helped myself and hubby so we have bypassed the nhs altogether. Probably not the best idea but he is especially good.

PigeonPie Sun 24-Apr-11 22:17:43

Do you have Charles Clinkard near you? They have a wide range of styles and makes which might make it easier.

I have been impressed with their Milton Keynes shop although their Buckingham shop is not very good.

swanny1969 Sun 24-Apr-11 22:22:06

we have a clinkards in Newbury, but it is not very big, they suggested Hush puppies and trying brantanos!?

Blu Sun 24-Apr-11 22:23:58

What are the orthotics for?
Personally, I would get a child seen by an orthopaedic consultant before applying orthotics.

smokinaces Sun 24-Apr-11 22:26:26

I have found just trying loads of different styles. DS2 is 3 and wears orthotics - some Clarks fit, but not many. We get an H in some styles and they are far too thin, but in others they have loads of room. wide velcro straps work best, but guessing a 7 year old doesnt want that?

maybe compromise - buy her boys school shoes if they are all that fit but let her pick a prettier pair from somewhere else for a weekend?

PigeonPie Sun 24-Apr-11 22:28:19

My DS1 (who doesn't have foot problems, but does have wide feet) has Hush Puppies and I have been impressed with them. They have insoles to make them smaller, so they're great for wide feet. We have two insoles - the original and one under - for the shoes and they fit very well.

swanny1969 Sun 24-Apr-11 22:40:34

Blu, DD over pronates on one foot the other turns out slightly, she doesn't run so well and we wanted to help her feet to correct themselves while she is still young. The podietrist is highly recommended and a friend of mine who went down the nhs route was referred to him anyway.

crazycarol Sun 24-Apr-11 23:02:06

My dd has had orthotics since she was about 8. We always found shoes a bit of a problem because her foot used to just slip out of the shoe unless it was securely fastened. Lace ups were best and dd hates them and wants more trendy shoes. We did useually find something in clarks though. With the orthotic insert she generally took a 1/2 size bigger, width wise she was usually a F or G. She now takes a size 9!!! Yes a big size 9 and finding shoes is even more of a nightmare.

everyspring Sun 24-Apr-11 23:04:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blu Mon 25-Apr-11 22:22:12

What type of orthotic is it?

swanny1969 Tue 26-Apr-11 07:27:09

Blu they are Sub4 orthotics that fit inthe sole of her shoes.

lexcat Sun 12-Jun-11 15:27:03

I found kickers boots are great for dd 10. Shoe are to shallow and her ankles slip. I have also found wilson and hi-tec trainers are good as they are quite deep.

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