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BIG FOOT HELL Where can I buy generously cut SIZE 8 LADIES shoes?

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noonar Fri 03-Dec-10 11:55:39

i'm a proper big size 8. not a small 41 that feels tight like a size 7 when i put it on.

i'm so fed up that size 8 is a 41 in some shops and 42 in others. if i try on a size 9 its too big- not to mention embarassing to ask for,and rarely stocked!! i guess i'm an 8.5 in most high street shops which means they dont go up to my size.angry

i have bought nice big size 8s from new look and clarks, but where else stocks a generous size 8 without being an actual 9?

i am now looking to buy some snow boots for apres ski, but i can't even contemplate buying them on line as i just know they'll feel like a 7 when i put them on!


COCAcolachristmasadvert Fri 03-Dec-10 11:56:38

Simply Be does wider fitting

COCAcolachristmasadvert Fri 03-Dec-10 11:57:28

I'm a big 8 btw smile

ItsJustMyOpinion Fri 03-Dec-10 11:57:57

Shoe Tailor, but I think they may be part of Simply Be

noonar Fri 03-Dec-10 11:59:41

ah. shouldve said i'm very NARROW but long footed! gee bad choice of wording. i meant gnerous LENGTH. oops

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Fri 03-Dec-10 12:00:25

Hotter's 8s are a 42 and many of them also come in an Extra Wide fitting if you need that.

noonar Fri 03-Dec-10 17:46:45

thanks. hotter look um... a little bit frumpy... sorry- not being ungrateful, honest smile.

not meaning to answer my own question, but others may be interested ... vagabond, the swedish make, is fab if you dont mind online ordering. very cool but wearable styles. but i like to go in to an actual shop and try on.

SantaIsMyLoveSlave Fri 03-Dec-10 21:36:49

No, it's true, they are. Those of us in possession of freakishly wide feet don't get much choice, and it is almost all geared towards the grandmotherly. Be grateful that yours are just big, not big AND wide. I can only buy from specialist granny-foot-outfitters.

ravenAK Fri 03-Dec-10 21:40:29

Goth big foot heaven grin.

horseradish Fri 03-Dec-10 21:40:46

land's end my size 8 snowboots very generously cut...

Rindercella Fri 03-Dec-10 21:43:06

I feel your pain. I went from a size 41 to a 42 when pg with DD1 and stayed that way hmm Thankfully my feet did not get any bigger with DD2 otherwise I would now have serious problems!

Next go up to a 43.

Big Shoe Boutique go to a size 10 I think (they are part of Barratts)

Hush Puppies do fab boots and go to a 42 or 43 (can't remember)

Jones go up to 42

Haven't bought from them, but vivaladiva seem to have a fab range

Also try manamdirect

Um, will try and think of some others smile

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