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theagedparent Wed 17-Nov-10 14:14:51

Does anyone know if Superdry do coats for children and if so where can I get one?? Dd is desperately wanting one for christmas.

Fimbo Wed 17-Nov-10 14:16:40

How old is she? My dd is 12 and fits xs as does half the 11/12/13yr old brigade at school it seems.

They don't do childrens clothing.

cureall Wed 17-Nov-10 14:17:35

Ooh good taste, mine should be so lucky!

scurryfunge Wed 17-Nov-10 14:18:40

I've googled but can't find any reference to children's clothes - they go down to small sizes though.

MiraArte Wed 17-Nov-10 14:19:41

Message withdrawn

scurryfunge Wed 17-Nov-10 14:21:58

plenty of coats

Fimbo Wed 17-Nov-10 14:22:29

They have different styles but most of the tweens are wearing the black one with the coloured "Superdry JPN" on the back. My dd has the thinner version but there is now a thicker version with a fleecy lining and a hood.

EdgarAirbombPoe Wed 17-Nov-10 14:24:08

their sizing is very small - their large is about a uk 10/12.

when i went in their Brighton shop i definitely felt too old to be there!

Fimbo Wed 17-Nov-10 14:24:29

The polar from that link is the one I would get. It does come in different colours including a vivid pink and a khaki. You would be better to go into an actually shop if you can.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 17-Nov-10 14:25:32

Superdry do not do children's clothes, however their small sizes come up absolutely tiny, so it might fit.

They cost though, think a jacket is £90 or so.

samcrow Wed 17-Nov-10 14:27:28

Getorf is right, they don't do childrens sizes but my DCs get either the small in the ladies or extra small in the mens and they are fine - the sizing is absolutley tiny, I don't think I'd get into any of the ladies stuff and I'm not particulary large.

theagedparent Wed 17-Nov-10 14:41:07

Thanks for all your replies. She is 12 so should fit into a ladies size then. She told me they were no more than £50, looks like I will have to venture into town for a trying on session.

samcrow Wed 17-Nov-10 14:49:17

A 12 year old should be fine but be prepared to spend more than £50 smile

lillypod Mon 03-Jan-11 11:23:30

so does that mean the superdry that i ordered my 13 yr old son wont fit? i ordered a ladies size 1o it said medium size 34 bust. He usualy wers xs mens or 11 to 12 year old boys.

Metherbumfit Mon 03-Jan-11 11:37:37

Message withdrawn

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