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Winter is coming. What do little boys wear under their trousers? Base leggins?

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Colourworld Mon 08-Nov-10 14:13:12

My little boy (reception year) is sometimes moaning that he wants to wear his warm trousers (joggers) instead of the school uniform. I do not want other kids to make fun out of him if he starts wearing base leggins (however, may be they will not). Or shall I just buy knee high socks?
These are the leggins like I want. Wonder if M&S sells them [ ior-Base-Layer-Leggings-2]

lostinwales Mon 08-Nov-10 14:16:48

My boys have base layers from Howies, they are merino wool and lovely and toasty warm. I can't make your link work but I would recommend some as they can also make lovely toasty pj bottoms when it's chilly at night.

Colourworld Mon 08-Nov-10 14:34:02

Oh, please do recommend me links. I would appreaciate your help very much.

geogteach Mon 08-Nov-10 14:38:44

Think carefully about too many layers, although it is cold at break time and getting to and from school my experience says that most schools are very over heated (both as a parent and formerly a teacher). My boys wear short sleeved shirts and take their pullovers off in the classroom because it is too hot, i think they would pass out if they wore extra clothes under their uniform.

oneofthosedays Mon 08-Nov-10 17:57:09

Could you get school trousers that are lined? Not sure if they even exist?!

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Mon 08-Nov-10 17:59:40

My ds,2, has some from Marks that he wears under waterproof trousers, as jammies etc.

But, be warned, dd, 8, points and laughs and says he wearing tights..!

gegs73 Mon 08-Nov-10 18:01:22

Can't you just get him some long socks he can pull up on the way to school if he needs to. As geogteach says the classrooms if they are anything like ours are VERY hot even when its freezing outside.

domesticsluttery Mon 08-Nov-10 18:04:34

My boys have these and the matching base layer tops.

They wear them in the cold weather under their footy kits. Nobody has ever laughed at them.

However I would second the fact that schools are very hot and it might be a bit OTT for inside. DD is Reception and has one of these for walking to and from school. It is fleece lined and waterproof so makes sure she gets to school warm and dry.

Colourworld Tue 09-Nov-10 09:34:22

I think I will be looking for cotton leggins not the thermal ones so he would not get too hot in the classroom. When the temperature drops below 0 and there is also wind it feels line - 10. Walking for 20-30 min in cold for a small child is not great. I will also consider buying him long socks.

maxybrown Thu 11-Nov-10 09:00:54

why not get him some waterproof trousers for walking t school? will keeo the wind out too! School's are very hot!!

Colourworld Thu 11-Nov-10 10:11:30

maxybrown, waterp[roof trousers is a good idea but we are not allowed to come inside of the classroom. We wait outside for the kids. But I will think of it.

maxybrown Thu 11-Nov-10 10:48:56

Fair enough understand, but they usually fit over shoes then fasten tighter around ankle so you would be able to whip them off him without having to take shoes off etc

notso Thu 11-Nov-10 10:58:29

All the polish children at nursery used to wear tights under their trousers and then swelter in the heat of the nursery.

Have you asked if he can wear his joggers though? Most of the schools here encourage jogging bottoms with all the Foundation phase outdoor play. DS doesn't feel the cold at all, I had to prise his shorts off him after half term!

maxybrown Thu 11-Nov-10 11:17:52

H&M sell tights for boys with cool designs on usually!
here look

Colourworld Thu 11-Nov-10 11:22:12

At the moment it is not that cold but it is going to be (remember last year December and January). He is allowed to wear joggers only at PE lessons. I will think of the waterproof trousers. We have had with fleece lining which were very warm and cosy.
Wearing shorts in these weather is very brave. He would never do that; he does not want to wear his shorts for PE either (he did wear them in September). He prefers his joggers. May be I should get him nice long boxers (not loose ones where you can see everything) and long socks.

Colourworld Thu 11-Nov-10 11:23:23

We have tights at home, plain colour but I would not send him wearing tights to school.

maxybrown Thu 11-Nov-10 11:28:24

won't the leggings look just like tights though anyway?

maxybrown Thu 11-Nov-10 11:29:08

but it is very very hot inside school - does he really get that cold? My DS would wear nothing most of the time if he could! grin

nicolamumof3 Sat 13-Nov-10 18:50:58

I second what maxy is saying, it is so very warm in school buildings themselves. My ds2 who's also started in reception often comes out very warm.

I would get some of these Ups+A8512?tyah=y just ordered some in bigger size for ds2 these were fab in the snow last year too. and theres a 15pc code floating around and free p&p.

or these

both can be worn as over trousers and easily pulled off in playground before he enters class.

Colourworld Sun 14-Nov-10 17:47:15

nicolamumof3, thanks, I do understand what maxybrown says. I think I will go for the overtrousers just have to think which ones. I think the overtrousers would be better than the leggins because when it rains they can protect his trousers from dirt. And if it is that hot in side then leggins would be unsuitable. So, yes, I go for the overtrousers. I could not open the 2nd link. I have child protection so that is why. Will try through another browser.

nicolamumof3 Sun 14-Nov-10 21:04:35

2nd link was just plain jojo fleece trouseres. I'd go for the first ones they are great so cosy inside and waterproof out and for about £12 del bargain i'd say!!

maxybrown Sun 14-Nov-10 21:19:05

They are great colourworld - get them grin

Colourworld Sun 14-Nov-10 21:51:48

Is the 15% code floating somewhere on the internet?
I have some clothes from this shop usually bought during the winter sales and they are great; very good quality. One item I did not like and it was my breastfeeding top, size 8. It was like size 14. Anyone could fit in it. Gave it to my mum grin

EdgarAirbombPoe Sun 14-Nov-10 21:54:15

M&S do long johns for little boys too..DS is wearing his in bed...

maxybrown Sun 14-Nov-10 22:10:01

colourworld it's MTG02

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