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Small ways we can make a difference & making it more accessible: ideas and resources.

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KoraBora Tue 12-Feb-19 23:30:37

Sorry if this is a bit messy, it's been running through my head in a stream of consciousness and trying to get out is always difficult.

I really want to reduce the amount of waste I produce and lessen my impact upon the environment. But I often find it very overwhelming. I've read blogs and the like but it seems like so much work and I can never achieve that level of perfection or expense. I have recently been reading a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. In the book he talks about the British Cycling Team and how they went from being so bad that some manufacturers didn't want to sell them their bicycles to dominating the world. It was done through lots of tiny improvements, a 1% improvement in loads of different areas. All these tiny improvements add up to huge changes. If we all made a tiny improvement we can make big changes.

It doesn't have to mean perfection either. Take tampons. The best solution is to use a mooncup, but it has a high initial outlay and is largely unsuitable for teenage girls who want internal protection (I found it tough enough using tampons then). But while mooncup are the best choice I would say the worst choice is the plastic applicator tampons. Using tampons with a biodegradable cardboard applicator is an improvement. Non applicator tampons is an improvement again. Don't aim for perfection aim to improve and start to pressure companies to stop providing the worst option (plastic applicators) when an equally easy (cardboard applicators) option exists.

I really wanted to use cloth nappies. But I have bad anxiety and a busy head and I knew I wouldn't stay on top of cloth nappies so I use disposables. I am now researching cloth nappies. I may not make a full switch but if I buy one single cloth nappy, soak it when necessary (and we all have enough poopy clothes regardless) and wash with my normal wash, even if I just use that nappy twice a week I will save 104 nappies a year from landfill. That cloth nappy can be reused, passed on and reused more. I don't need to be the perfect cloth nappy user to start making changes. I may find cloth nappies easier than I thought and add more.

I guess it is making the changes easier and more accessible so we can build on them if we can.

What I would really like to do is for us (I can't do it alone) to start a number of threads broken down into different areas (I.e. beauty, food storage, baby, recycling, transport). We could look at different areas, go through ideas, tips, try things out and make improvements. Ultimately we could provide a good master list/resource maybe in the form of a new website to allow people to make small positive improvements that are accessible to them with zero judgement. Like beeswax wraps may be the most eco friendly way to wrap your sandwiches, but thick plastic bags which could be washed and reused like the Ikea ones are a better choice than cling film or cheap bags which rip easily and have to be thrown away after a single use. Step ups are often easier to achieve.

Discussion threads could be linked on different boards so style and beauty for toiletries etc and housekeeping for cleaning products to widen the reach.

Above all I want it to be a positive environment without condemnation. No matter what anyone thinks about climate change surely no one can argue with less waste, lower energy bills and a more pleasant environment for us and future generations. If people want debate threads they can, of course, have them but debate isn't part of the information threads unless it is about what option is truly lower impact I.e. glass is heavier than plastic and more expensive to transport, is locally produced meat more environmentally friendly than quinoa shipped from South America?

So, if you made it this far, are you interested? Ideas, tips, condemnation blush.

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