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URGENT ACTION: Plastic Bags used for swimming shorts/sports wear

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CameronK27 Fri 11-Jan-19 15:24:54

When I drop my children off for their swimming lesson I always do so with their swimming bags, which they always use.
However, I notice that 90% of the changing room (including tennis players, squash players and swimmers) all use plastic disposable bags that are provided by the club.
We know the devastating impact of plastic bags so why doesn't the club provide eco friendly plastic bags? I dont know but they must be only slightly more expensive and would help so much.
Think how many are used every day in each club, up and down the country.
Anyone know of any links I can send to my kids sports club which has eco friendly options??

Lexilooo Fri 11-Jan-19 17:48:03

Better to stop providing them. You don't need a plastic bag. Just wrap your swimsuit in your towel when you have finished drying yourself off. Stops your gym bag getting wet.

Or better still get the gym to install a spinner so people can dry their swimsuits off before leaving. My old gym had one, it was brilliant

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