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Pennine village swap

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Yankunian Sat 03-Apr-10 11:30:57

Hi, we would like to organise a weeklong swap to another part of the UK - really, open to offers as long as it's in another region.

We are pretty flexible and can go anytime from Easter hols to mid-July, but probably the sooner the better (I'm pregnant and due in August.) It would be me, my husband, and our daughter Molly, 2.

We have a 3-bedroom house in lovely Ramsbottom, Lancs - near Manchester but quite rural with lots of good walks about and plenty to do. Our house is set up for toddlers and kids with plenty of toys cots etc.

Any takers?

Chrysanthamum Mon 05-Apr-10 10:53:26

Hi Yankunian,
We're still looking for an easter hols swap for a week or so until 18 April. See Scotland swap below.

Yankunian Fri 09-Apr-10 14:00:25

Chrysanthamum, your place sounds great, but we would have to go next week (assuming you haven't already sorted another swap) and we have since made plans for next week that can't be rescheduled. I'm so sorry. Keep us in mind for the future - maybe we could work something out over the school hols?

Chrysanthamum Tue 13-Apr-10 21:34:43

Hello Yank, we've got a swap for the summer sorted but we'd be happy to swap another time we often go away at short notice and are keen to visit your area.

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