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Anyone want to swap London for Sydney end of July/Beg of Aug. 2010?

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Jackaroo Sat 05-Dec-09 01:21:50

We have been in Sydney for 2 years and are coming back for my brother's wedding next year. That will be in Putney, but they are based in SE15 (as we were), so anywhere in South/South East/West London or Surbiton inwards, would be great.

We have only been in our house for 5 months, but love it, it has 4 bedrooms (two kids rooms and two large bedrooms with queen size beds)... and a pool :-) It IS a 30 min train ride into the harbour, but the views will keep you entertained on the way, and there is a fantastic national park up the road, and it's a nice peaceful, very leafy area and only a 20 min drive to the beaches (Home and Away country for example grin)

Garden, no pets, lovely local shops up the road (10 min walk, 1 min drive), and could probably lend a car.....

Anyway, I really really don't mind about the house in london, the lovelier the better, but as long as it has 2/3 bedrooms and is clean (and relatively tidy byt the time we get there) we will be happy. A garden would be a big help. We could probably cope with a cat, but not dogs as we will be away for a night at a time once or twice.

We have two boys, one will be crawling by then, but assume that anyone seeing this has family themselves. Eldest is 4, but easy to reign in.

I'm tentatively looking at the 23rd July - 12th August, but the wedding is on the 7th, so could be flexible at this stage.

Let me know if any of you are vaguely interested.



JustAnotherManicMummy Sat 05-Dec-09 01:41:17

OMG I would love to. Obviously have not thought about any of the practicalities of this at all.

I am 15 mins from Putney by overground train and 20 from Waterloo.

We have a 2 bed cottage with a garden in very desirable suburb. It has a small second bedroom but we can provide cot and bed - although you'd probably have to have the cot in with you as second bedroom a bit wee.

We are 15 minutes from Richmond Park, 15 to Kew Gardens and 5 mins from the River Thames all by foot.

Tube and overground station is 3 minute walk away.

What's the weather like in Sydney then? Just curious. We're not sun worshippers really.

ninedragons Sat 05-Dec-09 04:00:04

Midwinter in Sydney is lovely - almost guaranteed mild, clear sunny days, cool nights. You would never bother with a scarf, hat or gloves. It's jacket or jumper and jeans weather.

Jackaroo Sat 05-Dec-09 04:08:01

I'm goign to try not to get excited :-) Spent many of my formative years in Richmond Park.... You're not near the Maids of Honour Tearooms are you???

Right, not sure what we do next, but have a think and get back to me.

If you CAT me (not sure actually if my subs have run out) I can send you the estate agents photos etc...


Jackaroo Sat 05-Dec-09 04:15:05

Oh yes, and what 9d said.... you may not actually want to use the pool, although it can be heated. hmm and the expression "very desirable suburb" is oft used by ours too.

ninedragons Sat 05-Dec-09 07:30:53

If you don't have any luck here, Jackaroo, the Guardian site has a house swap section. I think you have to pay for membership but it's only about 30 quid.

Jackaroo Sat 05-Dec-09 09:07:46

Thank you :-)

JustAnotherManicMummy Sat 05-Dec-09 22:27:59

I'll cat you now smile

DH is looking bemused and baffled. He is not a MNetter wink

Jackaroo Sat 05-Dec-09 23:34:53

Argh, CAT has lapsed - Will activate PDQ.

Is that any clearer for him?

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