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houseswap summer 2009 - we are in lake district

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oldlady40 Tue 03-Feb-09 22:08:14


I am just thinking about houseswap - not done it before and wanted to see what interest there would be. We are in Southern Lake District - near Windermere/Coniston. Lots going on in the summer. Detached house- garden - childrens toys. Interested in Enlgand, Scotland, Ireland, France? Would like a couple of weeks late July - early August - quite flexible on dates. Not sure what involved in houseswap and how it works - any advice/suggestions welcome. thanks

dragonbutter Wed 04-Feb-09 00:34:59

i can't read the op?


oldlady40 Wed 04-Feb-09 12:02:39

hello dragonbutter

I don't know what happened to the original post at the top it seems to have vanished but all the details have been put back on the post 3rd feb (22:08). I am a novice at posting as well so maybe I did something to it!!.

dragonbutter Wed 04-Feb-09 16:50:08

I might be interested. We live in south devon.
I guess it would give us a deadline with the decorating.
Hmm, i will speak to DH about it and get back to you.

oldlady40 Wed 11-Feb-09 14:58:25

Anybody!! - surely somebody must want to swap to the lake district - it doesn't rain all the time!!

LovingBean Mon 23-Feb-09 11:19:19

Hi, might be interested too. Living in Cornwall, 6 miles to best beaches, near cycling trails...... Let me know if you are interested. Can't do until school holidays though.

oldlady40 Mon 23-Feb-09 23:52:09

Thanks for your interest LovingBean. Have you done houseswaps before? Do you mean the main 6 week summer hols? Which part of Cornwall are you in? We have stayed at Padstow in the past and down near The Lizard a couple of times. We have always enjoyed visiting Cornwall although haven't been down for a few years. Get back in touch if you think you might consider.

tummytickler Tue 07-Apr-09 19:06:42

We have never house swapped before, but dh and i have thought about it as an option.
We are in a small town next to Brighton if interested. We have lots of lovely places to eat, castle, historical houses, country walks, Brighton is a few minutes by car/bus/train and has sea, shops, museums.
Also loads to do on the outskirts, farms, zoos etc

Yurtgirl Tue 07-Apr-09 19:12:19

I am interested oldlady but we are in Wales....

englishspringer Wed 08-Apr-09 09:25:06

I am interested - we are on Essex/Cambs border - diredctly opposite mainline railway station to London (but you can't hear trains as the line is dug out) - we are 15 mins from Cambridge, 15 mins from Bishops Stortford - have large newly rennovated house, large garden, plenty of parking, toys, etc. - we have lots of National Trust, English Hertitage properties near us, farms, Colchester Zoo, Legoland, Chessington, Thorpe Park etc. all about 1.5hrs away - M11 access is 7 miles.
We have good friends who live in Bowness so want to visit them but they own a hotel so no room for us to stay for free!

oldlady40 Tue 21-Apr-09 13:41:55

English Springer - thanks for your message. I had decided that mumsnet not really the place for houseswaps as hadn't had much response so have gone elsewhere and swapped instead - homelink - really good that could be a possibility for you. Membership fee but lots of choice worldwide. thanks again hope you get set up. Also have friends who have used National Childbirth Trust houseswap and believe there are a number in Lake District who are registered with this. That could be useful as swapping with people with young children and think membership is very reasonable. People I know who have done this have had good experiences - we just never got round to it.

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