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South Brittany anyone?

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jenpet Sat 20-Sep-08 13:53:20

We have a house and gite near Vannes, and I would be interested in a house swap around end of October/first week in November 08(UK half term-ish) either in Essex (Hornchurch?) or near Nottingham, either is fine. We are me, DH, DS1 (6) and DS2(will be 8 weeks by then) so baby gear would be a bonus! If you want to check out our place we have a website for the gite which gives more info on the area etc but would be happy to "swap" our house (which is next door) whatever suits....fingers crossed!

lovecat Sat 20-Sep-08 20:10:38

Jenpet, I would love to offer you a swap (we're Essex) but I need to be in the UK that fortnight cos I'm in a play that weekend... darn! Next year?

jenpet Sat 20-Sep-08 20:30:27

Certainly! Maybe even next half term! wink

overthemill Tue 23-Sep-08 08:33:33

just looked at your lovely gite - it looks great! would there be any children close by for my lot to make friends with?

jenpet Thu 25-Sep-08 14:10:07

Sorry, had a busy few days. overthemill there are loads of (french) children in the village, but it is half term here, so many of them may be away etc. If anyone is interested Ryanair are doing flights totally free, even taxes etc to Nantes (from E Mids & Stanstead) which is about an hours drive from us. You would need to hire a car, but I like the idea of anything free! (til midnight tonight I think)

madamy Wed 01-Oct-08 17:36:33

omg - this sounds fab! We are in Nottingham and love Southern Brittany! I would have to convince dh though, not sure he would do a house swap
We could do Mon-mon return for £150!!

luckylady74 Sun 05-Oct-08 09:14:57

Hi Jenpet, I'm afraid that we can't do this halfterm, but could you keep us in mind for a future swap?
We have a 4 bed house in West Bridgford(child friendly area with parks/cafes) which is just south of Nottingham city centre.We have baby equipment and a large garden with slides and so on.
I'm afraid we're restricted to school holidays - so could do July 18th2009 onwards or October 24th 2009. I imagine you're busy with gite guests in the summer though!
If you interested please cat me.

jenpet Fri 10-Oct-08 20:50:56

Hi luckylady, sorry, have only just read this. I know West Bridgford quite well too, it's a lovely area. Will let post again when we know our plans for the future - maybe October 09 (cannot believe I am planning that far ahead!!) thanks for your post...

adelicatequestion Tue 11-Nov-08 22:46:49


Don;t mean to highjack but I felt all nostalgic. I used to live in a 4 bed house in West Brisdgford and have a DD and DT boys.

maybe we met in a previous life? I left Nottinhgam in 2002.

babyalfie Thu 13-Nov-08 19:07:59

Oh hi there we are in North York moors if any interest at all. We have all baby stuff toys etc and have a boy aged 8. If interested just let me know. Thanks

MadameCastafiore Mon 22-Dec-08 18:39:39

Hi Jenpet - please keep me in mind too - we are in Kelvedon which is about 20 mins drive to Hornchurch but a bit further out - countrysidey - house is V V old medieval 4 bed with trampoline and big climbing frame in the garden and lots of lovely things to do around and about - 15 mins to Colchester Zoo and lots of other great places to visit but can only do school hols.

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