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Summer Swap - We are Derbyshire/Peak District - are you by the sea?

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KisstheTeapot14 Sat 05-Jan-19 13:37:00

We are looking for somewhere near the sea for a couple of weeks away in the summer hols. Even one week would help and we can camp at a site the other week. We are applying for an EHCP so may be quite cash strapped this coming year, hence the ask!

We love Alnmouth area, and Wales but will consider anywhere really.
Seaside hols in the UK are our son 's idea of heaven (he's 9 and very outdoors type) so it would be fantastic to be able to give him this experience again in 2019.

We are very clean and respectful and there is just 3 of us.
Happy to be in one room if needs be.

Thanks for considering.

Our flat is based in a country town with good amenities and travel links and cafes.

2nd floor with 2 bedrooms.

We have a rather shy house cat who would most likely still be here.
Can arrange a friend to come in to look after her daily requirements if needs be.

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