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New to housing

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Christinedonna Sat 13-May-17 22:22:51

I've just got my bidding number today, in band D so low priority apparently as I'm "no overcrowding" (6 people in a 2 bedroom house, id call that overcrowding). Anyway, I just need a bit of help and this seemed the only appropriate place to post. (I'm going to throw a lot of questions out there)
Am I doing it wrong or on the "homechoices" website does it only show you a little thumbnail picture of property with brief description and not let you click and enlarge/read more?
As I'm currently not getting any financial help/ benefits but am now on this list, if I'm successful in bidding will I then get the help I will need when I move into a property?
Is this the only way I can go about finding a property? Or could I go on zoopla, find a property then contact the council and ask for help with rent.
I think that's all my questions for now actually, just hoping this shitty little list with five houses (none of which I'm "eligible" for, isn't my only option! Thank you in advance

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