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Cohousing opportunity available in East London

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BandVteam Thu 15-Nov-12 09:25:06


We are a family of 3 – dad – Nikolay, mum – Boryana, daughter –Vyara.

We live in London and we would like to find another family for cohousing.
The idea:
We have been living in London for the last 10 years, but after our daughter was born in 2010, we have realised how important is to have a family around and to live in a community of like-minded people. Since then we have been thinking of different ways to achieve this and recently agreed that cohousing will be the best solution. We strongly believe that cohousing will very much improve our quality of life both on personal and at family level.
We would like to find another family to share one household, but most importantly –share the love and care of looking after the kids. We would like to find another family to become a bigger family and live a life together.
These are some of the benefits we thought of when we decided on cohousing:
-Sharing childcare – for the stay at home parent childcare is pretty much a full time job. Living together with a family where one of the parents is also stay at home, will allow us to share the child care and give the parents more opportunities to work, study or enjoy some time off;
-More time for each other as a couple, as we can take turns with the other family to take care the little ones a few times a month;
-Kids growing together and always having a playmate;
-Help with the expenses – sharing a household expenses from rent, bills, food and car, works out much cheaper;
-Not feeling lonely in London. We have friends in London, however work and distance means that you only get to see them once a week at best.

About us:

We are originally from Bulgaria. Nik has been in the UK for over 11 years and I have just turned 8 years. We enjoy being together and doing things together as a family but also love spending time with our extended family and friends. All extended family live in Bulgaria so we try to go and visit at least twice a year.
We enjoy spending time in the nature and we dream of living more sustainably and self-sufficiently. We try to eat mainly organic food and always try to reuse or use second had if possible. We believe that less is more and like to invest in quality. We are attachment parents with a strong sense of natural way of bringing up kids. We do not have TV at home but we have lots of candles and red wine for long talks, dinner with friends or romantic evening.
Vyara is 2 years 5 months old. She is a happy and very energetic toddler. She enjoys helping around the house, but her favourites are cooking with mummy and fixing stuff with daddy. She loves crafts and especially painting and is crazy for dancing. She has a 99% firm daily routine, but sometimes gets lonely as we don’t have many friends she can play with living nearby. She is amazing and we wouldn’t change a thing about her – even the tantrums are fun to watch.

Mum – I am 32 years old. I have made the decision to leave my work as events organiser and stay at home with our daughter. I am an attachment parent and have a keen interest in Waldorf education. At the moment I run a tandem renting business from home and study for child’s nutritionist. I am very creative and artistic person with a long list of projects to finish. I like music, art, nature, fashion and kids. Enjoy sports and healthy living.

I am 31 years old, chartered accountant and currently work in finance for a bank. I am pretty easy going guy and get on well with most people. I like creating things with my hands, and while rarely the end result is what I imagined it to be, that does not stop me trying. I like fixing bikes. I like playing sports. I cycle to work every day. I like adventures. I want to reduce our dependency on the economy as much as possible – my wistful thinking currently revolves around chicken coops, bee hives, ponds with carp and living roofs. I like listening to people. My dream is to live in a small community where people depend on each other, support each other, respect each other and have fun together.

The family we are looking for
We would like to find a family with a kid, preferably smaller or near Vyara’s age.
One of the parents will be stay at home mum or dad, and they should be willing to share in the child care of the kids.
We would like to bring up our children together and live as a one household rather than two families living under the same roof. This means sharing meals in the evening, doing stuff together etc.
At present we are renting a 3 bedroom house in Leyton (E10 5LD) with a small garden and a garage. We welcome you to come and live with us, make our home yours too. We currently occupy one of the bedrooms, and we have a double bedroom available for the other family and a single bedroom which can be used either as an office or a kids bedroom. We would also consider moving to the other family house, or renting a completely different house if this is the best solution for everyone.
If you are interested or think or believe that this is the way you would like to live and bring up your children, please contact us (bobby.atanasova@gmail.com).

Tiggy114 Wed 30-Jan-13 17:29:16

Bumping for you. What a fab idea. Do you subscribe to permiculture magazine. If you advertise in their small ads, i bet you'll get a response or two.

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