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I am looking for a flat desperately if anyone can help me I would be very grateful xx

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Jess080990 Mon 23-Jan-12 22:40:23

Hi Everyone

So I have posted in the pregnancy thread with my story so I will just give you a brief outline (I might be posting in the completely wrong category but I couldn't find the right one sorry) basically cut a very long story short I am 12 weeks pregnant I do not no what to do my boyfriend doesn't want to know he will only be with me if I have an abortion which I just cant seem to get my head around, I have tried however and I am now really considering it.

I dont get along with my mum she hasnt made this any easier in fact has said some horrible horrible things. I have been to my local council and they wont help me which is horrible I thought I might have some good happen for me after all this bad but I guess not. I'm 21 I work full time 40hours a week for a recruitment company however I am long term temping (over a year now) as they're not planning to make anyone perm I guess that's why businesses love temps.

I dont know where to look or go and so far Mumsnet has been amazing and offered me great support and advice on my problem Im facing at the moment so Im hoping someone can help me perhaps? I would be ever so grateful if anyone had a flat they wanted to rent? Or any places that help with situations like mine?

I just dont know where to look or what to do now I'm at the end of my tether

Thank you so much for reading

Jess xx

justonemorethread Tue 24-Jan-12 20:04:31

Bump bump bump!
(bumping your thread so it stays active, not as in your bump on your tummy.)

enitan90 Wed 02-May-12 21:44:41

Try women's aid

nannyl Thu 03-May-12 21:11:20

can i ask if you are anywhere near basingstoke?

enitan90 Fri 04-May-12 11:37:56

No sorry I'm not

LilyRosa Sat 21-Jul-12 22:57:48

hey i know its 6 months since your original post but am new to this and couldnt leave your post un answered.

council housing will depend on how long you have lived in the area you live in. i would suggest if you are still stuck going to either your local councillors of your member of parliament for help. it's what they are there for. if you go to and put in your post code you can email your elected representative.

depending on where you live will depend on which level of local government you need to contact. Please PM me if you need any more advice.

i really hope you've found somewhere.

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