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Anyone in Singapore like to visit the Cotswolds in the summer?

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teenyweenytadpole Tue 10-Jan-12 20:59:03

We are based in the Cotswolds but spent 8 years in Singapore and would love to take our girls there for a holiday this summer. Any ex-pats out there who would like a base for visiting family/holidays? Our summer hols are mid July to end Aug so that would be ideal. PM me if interested and I can send more info.

nemno Thu 12-Apr-12 16:34:51

This is such a great idea, we did this once but not from Singapore. Don't want to put a spanner in works but can I issue a word of caution? If the place in Singapore is a rental then check that this is legal. In our place there this would not have been allowed because the LL has to keep track legally of who is in his residence. In theory we had to tell him of visitors but of course hardly anyone follows this to the letter. But check whether visitors without the legal tenant being present is allowed.

binkybonk Thu 12-Apr-12 16:26:54

Hi teenyweenytadpole, still interested?! We have a 3 bed apartment nr Orchard and would like somewhere to stay in uk over the summer, but not for the whole thing, a couple of weeks/3 maybe only.
Whereabouts are you? I did try to pm but can't work it out at this late hour!!

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