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Chicken pox -9 month old- how long from point of rash appearing to blisters/scabs?

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yawningbear Wed 30-Nov-11 07:55:50

9 month old DS was really quite poorly last week with very high temp, took him to GP who said it was viral. Chicken Pox is going round his nursery and yesterday evening I noticed a few spots on his leg. There are a few more coming up on his torso today and I have just noticed one between his fingers that looks like it has started to blister. We are moving house, so this is very bad timing! I read that the spots can come in waves every 3-5 days but so far he only has a few so am wondering if anyone knows if it is likely that this will continue and he may just have it mildly. Please, please someone tell me this is the case grin. Also what is the usual duration between the spots appearing and being able to take them out and about again and any tips on best ways to soothe the itching other than calamine lotion? TIA

Seona1973 Wed 30-Nov-11 09:22:39

they normally scab over 5-7 days after they start to appear. Oats or bicarbonate of soda in the bath is supposed to help with itching. We used aqueous calamine cream and piriton (although piriton is for over 1 year old). They are contagious until they scab over

leftmymistletoeatthedoor Wed 30-Nov-11 10:16:38

You should go to the GP they can give antihistamine - you can't buy over the counter because he's under 1.

Dd is 14m and JUST over it. Bicarb baths at midnight helped a lot.

Ds is 4 and had it a few weeks ago - he wasn't so itchy and calpol seemed to help him a lot.

Ds had 2 spots for 2 days then on day 3+4 he got lots more and a few more on day 5. They scab over in stages but usually all by day 7.

Dd got the spots much more quickly only on days 1,2 + 3 and by day 4 was all scabbed over.

yawningbear Wed 30-Nov-11 10:28:26

Great, thanks, he seems ok just now but he did seem really unwell last week and I don't think he is itchy yet. Will make an appointment with GP.

StrangewaysHereICome Wed 30-Nov-11 11:16:17

My DS had CPox at 8 months and he got away quite lightly so hopefully your DS will too. He was crabby and a bit feverish, then some spots came out on his back, a couple on his arms and three in his face. They didn't bother him at all and he wasn't itchy. It was all over in a week. Hope the house move goes well!

leftmymistletoeatthedoor Wed 30-Nov-11 13:25:08

I should say dd had about 350 spots I'm not saying this to scare you just to reassure you that its normal. She had I would say maybe 50-75 on her face alone but they have all faded really really well.

Seona1973 Wed 30-Nov-11 13:32:16

I didnt take either of mine to the doctor as it is very contagious and didnt want to spread it to anyone in the waiting room. DD had it at 3 and ds had it at 5 1/2 months. DS didnt seem too bothered by it thankfully as he was too young for piriton.

roundabout1 Wed 30-Nov-11 13:40:24

my dd2 has just recovered from the dreaded chickenpox. Her spots started off really slowly for the first 4 days she only had a few spots appearing every day & then after 5 days they just came out all over, she must of had about 70 in her hair & like previous said completely normal. She took longer to get over it as she had lots in between her fingers & on the palms of her hands which took ages to scab over. I didnlt bother with the gp & gave dd piriton as she is 17 mths but tbh it didn;t help, Perhaps you can ring gp & they can do you a prescription to save you going & also as is so contagoius. Hope lo gets better soon x

frazzled2mummy Thu 01-Dec-11 07:44:43

DD had 3 little blisters on the front of her bits last night and one on her head and today she has nore on her head and some red spots on her torso and a few more in her nappy. I thought Cpox always started on the torso? She is 14mths. My DS had cpox at probably the same sort of age and was covered over night, DD seems slower? My docs tell you not to come to surgery if you suspect cpox as it can be dangerous to other patients (those with low immune systems etc)

AlmaMartyr Thu 01-Dec-11 07:48:33

Both of mine have just had it, plenty of spots but they seemed OK in themselves. A friend thought hers had had it mildly only for them to get a fullblown case a couple of weeks later. Oats and bicarb in the bath helped. DS is only 18 months and really didn't seem fussed by it at all.

leftmymistletoeatthedoor Thu 01-Dec-11 07:51:10

Dd's first spots were on her face, not torse.

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